Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Spoiler Alert! God wins....

My friend Cindy, had my title quote on her FB page and she said it soothed her soul.  Yes, it does.  This is a crazy, hatefilled, backwards world we are living in, and if you looked at the headlines every day you would live in constant fear.  I had to give up my Facebook for awhile because every post was making my blood boil and it was doing me no good.  God reminded me of Phillipians 4:8
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
I have to stop, take a breath and quit looking at the chaos in this world and remember that the One who made the heavens and the earth, is in control of what is going on around me.  Now, it may not be to my liking, but it's not my plan, it's His.  We are on this earth to strive to be more Christlike, nothing more and nothing less, so I just need to focus on what I need to do and stand still, and let God fight the battles, after all He is much better at this than I am.   Much love, Cheri

These are my two spoiled rotten loves, Deacon and Toby Yes it's bed time!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Weekend!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend and I am so thankful Dennis is feeling well!  We went shopping in Enid and on the way home I decided to take a different route which my husband assured me he knew!  I don't think this is the way I wanted to go.
When we came to this silo after a much washed out bumpy dirt road, he decides NOW he knows where he is at!
When we got to the small town of Ames we looked around the town and it was very cool.  They have their streets named after small towns here in NW Oklahoma. 

Then on Memorial Day we really celebrated the way you should.  Laying by the pool with good friends on a beautiful day!

 Thank you God for wellness and beautiful weather and for looking out for us even when we are sometimes lost.  Much love, Cheri

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I have a hard time deciding what to blog about so I end up not blogging at all!  For the people who read my blog from other countries, I so appreciate you, and it's pretty easy for me to think about what I can blog about.  Things here are foreign and different to people who live thousands of miles away.  For people who live in my hometown, this is where I get into trouble.  People here know everything that is going on, it's boring to them and they don't realize how many people from different countries make it to this blog.  I feel like when the people were talking about Jesus saying " no good thing can come from Nazereth."  So sometimes hometown friends this blog will bore you and I'm sorry!
                      On the up side, spring has sprung in Oklahoma!  I sometimes think spring is God's way of reminding us that we made it throught another cold and bitter season and just look what we have in store!  It is my favorite time of the year by far.  This year, Dennis and I have much to be thankful for because last year he was so sick and I really didn't think he would be here to see another year.  See that post HERE.  Thank you Lord for sustaining us and making us strong again!  Some of my bushes are starting to bloom, they are so pretty and fresh.

The canola fields are blooming!

Warmer weather and with all that in Oklahoma comes WIND.  Fierce wind.  We are so dry here in northwest Oklahoma that when the winds come so does fire.  It's horrific and terrifying.  Our firemen have worked long and tiring hours.  They are fighting one as I am typing this blog. 
This fire spread through 620 miles in Oklahoma and Kansas.
We are praying for rain bu there is not any in the forecast. So keep us in your prayers.
Much love, Cheri

Monday, January 25, 2016

New Wheelchair Time!

We finally got Dennis's new wheelchair after 5 months of red tape and putting together the chair.  Keith, from Tulsa came over and delivered the chair on Wednesday.  It takes a lot of patience and tinkering to get the chair where you want it. 

After many hours of tweeking we got it somewhat to where we wanted it, or so we thought.  Keith left and the next day was a little sketchy getting him in and out of the chair.  We don't have an attendee driving stick anymore because Medicare doesn't care if they pass out and you need to take over!  They assume you will be staying home and never go anywhere.  So we do have a kill switch to stop him from plowing into something.  We also don't have any front hooks to bolt him down in the van.  Medicare (the government) wants you to please stay home, why do you need to go anywhere??  The little black box where we can plug his vent into his chair batteries was also out of pocket ( I won't even tell you how much this little black box cost cause you wouldn't believe it.)
So the days after they came we have been working on getting the chair to where we want it.  We had a rough day at church Sunday but our friend Max (Mr. Wizard) and Dennis's dad Larry worked on it some more.
 We had a little mishap evolving my coffee table and some things on top!
Hopefully, things will get better!  We still have our old chair because now insurance (the government) will no longer let them sell reconditioned chairs, so it justs sits there.  Ugh!  I could go on and on but we are blessed with this chair and I am praising God that we have it.  Many blessings, Cheri
Deacon was not impressed with any of it!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Post Christmas

Dennis and I had a great Christmas.  Everyone was in good health and all my family was here, except for one of my nephew and a great nephew and niece.  One of my other nephews is going to have a baby, so great news!   Last Christmas we had a similar annoucement so this is becoming a tradition!  Lots of fun and games and laughter.  I had this picture taken of my family before the chaos started!

This is a photo of my mom and my siblings!  Love them all.
these are the grandchildren that were there.  I am not quite sure why I didn't get a great grandchildren photo, but I will next year!

I felt so blessed the Christmas, last Christmas I was sick and then Dennis got so sick.  God kept us under His wing this Christmas and I am very grateful.  His grace and mercy is something we worship at Christmas and every other day.  The fact that He sent His son so that we could live eternally with Him is something we should celebrate every day of the year.  Much love, Cheri
P.S.  This is my favorite picture of my daughter Whitney and her husband Nick.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Many Blessings!

                                                    Much love, Cheri

Friday, December 11, 2015


I have seriously been neglecting my blog and I apologize.  I feel we are so blessed because right now everyone is pretty healthy (a far cry from last year).  I have all decorations up and all present bought and I am really enjoying the season.  Last night my place of employment went to see Mannheim Steamroller for our Christmas partym and we all had a great time.
Dennis is doing very well and they had their FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Christmas pizza party on thursday.
We had an ice storm in the last week of November.  For those who do not have someone who is disabled this is an inconvience, for us it's major!  To get ready for an icestorm you have to make sure there is plenty of gas for the generator.  We have an outlet in our bedroom for Dennis's bed and suction machine and cough assist machine and oxygen.  I have to go and run cords in for the fridge and T.V.  We have a fire place for warmth.  We were blessed this year because some were out for weeks but we were only out for hours.  My poor tree was not so fortunate.

Right now it is in th 70's, very unusual for Oklahoma in the winter.  I believe we broke some records, and I am not complaining.  We are praying for continued health and praise God for looking after us.  Much love, Cheri