Monday, July 16, 2018


It's been one year and 3 months since Dennis past away and my life continually changes.  Things are becoming a little easier with only the occasional melt down and it is true what they say that life does get better with time.  It will never be the same but it does go on so you have to find your joy, as I know Dennis would want me to.  So life is changing for me personally and also getting ready to change for 13 days geographically!  I'm going to Ireland and I simply can not wait.  My BFF Jana and I have been planning this for about a year and it is going to actually happen soon.
This is our tour and we are trying to cram as much in as we can.  So I will have lots photos to post, which brings me to saying this.  It amazes me every time I get on my blog and see how many people still check in with me.  So thank you.  I will be posting soon!  Much love, Cheri

Monday, April 2, 2018

One year................

When I started this blog Dennis had just had his motorcycle wreck and I had no source of comparison.  I found fellow bloggers and we all kind of connected through blogging. Then it became a sporadic mixture of everything as we marched through our life.  One year ago I lost soul mate, patient, best friend, and husband and I started wondering what I was going to do with my life.  I wanted to wake up and it be a year, well it happened!  I don't know where the time went.  It seems like he just passed away yesterday and in some ways it seems like a million years ago.  Some days I get through fine, some days I don't, and I have a feeling it will be that way for a long time.  One Year seems impossible but here it is.

                                                                           Much love, Cheri

Saturday, March 3, 2018

R.I.P ...Best Mom Ever


From the moment I was born my mom was already a single working mom.  She worked hard and although we never had a lot, we didn’t know any better.  Six years later, I got a baby brother and for a while things were easier, but once again my mom found herself a single working mother, now with two children. 
   One weekend she decided to go back home to visit her sisters and they took her out dancing.  She met and fell in love with a dairy farmer from Aline, Oklahoma and our lives were never the same.   
 Mom went from 2 children to 6, we went from living in the City to Aline, Ok.  It was quite a trip but it was the best trip of our lives. My mom was thrown right in to making homemade pies for FFA auctions to helping me with sewing skirts for 4-H.  She had to make 3 meals a day for double the people she was used to.  During this time she came back to Jesus and started really searching and studying the bible.  When my husband Dennis had his motorcycle accident on 2006, I was living in Houston while my husband was in rehab.  I was scared and didn’t know how I was going to make it.  Without hesitation my mom sold her house and our friends added on to mine so mom and dad could move in and help me.   

She never wavered in that decision and Dennis and I couldn’t have lived the next 11 years as smoothly as we did if it wasn’t for her.  She took care of Dennis every day plus worked from home at the car dealership she had worked at for 21 years.  The 11 years that Dennis and my mom spent together were such a blessing to Dennis.  They had breakfast and bible study every morning and they grew very close.  My mom was one of the most selfless people I have ever known, and I will strive to be like her in every way possible.  On Jan 28, 2018 she was in Sunday school, she laid her head on the shoulder of a class mate and went to be with her family and Jesus.  She is with all the people she loves and her Lord and Savior but, we here on earth are missing a bigger than life person that can never be replaced and leaves us with a void that can’t be filled.  So, until we see each other in Glory, bye Mom, we will miss you every day.

Monday, January 15, 2018


Dennis's side of the family didn't get together at Christmas, it was a little sad for me because I worried about staying connected to the people who have been my family for 37 years.  So last weekend we all got together for January birthdays and a belated Christmas.  We got a limo and went to the German Restaurant in Waynoka, Ok, yes, Waynoka.  It is run by a man named Dieter and it is amazing!  (Also where my father grew up.)   My niece, Karley drove as she is the only one not of legal drinking age, not that we drank but just in case we wanted some wine with dinner.  I had never been to CafĂ© Bahnhof and I didn't know what to expect, but it was a treat!  The appetizers were great and the food delicious, I will look forward to my next visit.  We had a blast and when we got home played cards till very late.  We also had a beer for Dennis, he would have loved this restaurant!  Great memories.

Much love , Cheri

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas 2017

A little thing that happened a week before Christmas was that they started the remodel on my two bathrooms.  It was stressful but I did have one done by Christmas Eve!

I think it was actually a gift because I was so focused on the remodel I didn't have time to think about the Christmas without Dennis.  So Christmas Eve my family gets together for games and Dirty Santa!  AND FOOD!!!
                                                               My daughter Whitney and my son-in-law Nick
                                                      My brother Gary and his wife Kim
                                                         My nephew in law Royce got a nice cozy white blanket!
                                                            My two great nephews Luke and Mark!
We had a great time as we always do when we get together.  So this year closes and I am looking forward to the new year, a fresh clean slate to try and draw new memories on.

                                                                                   Much Love, Cheri

Monday, December 25, 2017

A little Different Christmas

This Christmas was a little different for me.  I didn't have to get Dennis ready, I didn't have to feed him or make sure he wasn't cold, I didn't have to make sure his water wasn't empty and his pills were taken.   This year he has a new glorified body and singing praises for the birth of his King!  But here on earth we still miss him................

                                  The Blessings of Christmas to All,  Cheri

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Getting back on track

I went to a Mark Lowry concert this week and realized my focus this season has been a lot on me and my loss, and not on Jesus.  Mark Lowry is the man who wrote "Mary, Did you Know?".  He was in the Gaither Family for years and this video is one of another singer, David Phelps, who sang with them also.  This song is where we need to be focused.  Jesus came, lived and died so that we could live again with him and our loved ones!  He is the Reason for the Season! 
                                                             Much Love, Cheri