Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Quick Trip to Grand.

A couple of Dennis and I's long time friends decided to run away and make a break for Grand Lake last weekend.  We left on Thursday night and came home Sunday so it was a fast mini vacation, but an oh so needed getaway.  I was a little hesititant because this is the lake that my husband and I, along with these friends and all our children, went for over 20 years.   We even brought Dennis here a couple of times after his accident.  I won't say there were no moments of melancholy, because that would be a lie, but I muddled through them and knew that he would always be a part of Honey Creek.  Honey Creek was his home away from home and I could see him everywhere.  My friends and I were determined to make new memories and have a great time and we accomplished that.  New memories, new friends, great food  and a great view, what more could we want (except Dennis).  Much love, Cheri

In memory of a really fun and awesome person!


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Figuring it out.

I am trying to decide whether to continue blogging or give it up altogether.  It was an outlet to help me vent or help me when I was sad and also help me when I was happy.  I guess it can still be all those things and maybe even talk about Dennis every once in a while.I will start by saying I miss him every minute of every hour of every day, but that is to be expected since it has only been 3 months!  I celebrated an anniversary, 2 birthday's, Independence Day and a vacation without him and it is getting a little (stressing little) easier.  So I will post some photos and maybe keep this going for a little while as I am always surprised at how many stop in and visit.
My first visit to the lake after Dennis had passed away and it was beautiful!
Friends are a gift from God!  Much love, Cheri

Friday, April 7, 2017

A New Normal

 It is with a breaking heart that I have to inform you of Dennis's passing.  He died April 2nd and we had his celebration of life today, April 6th.  He was absolutely the best man ever and we will all miss him.  I hope he touched your life in some way and  just know that  he is in heaven having a great time running and visiting with many that went before him.  His love for Jesus is what is going to keep me going and I long for the day the Jesus will come again. He made me a better person and I am so glad that God honored me with the gift of being his wife.  Thank you all for visiting this site and being a part of his life.  Much love, Cheri


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Blessings during the Christmas season!

Dennis and I have been so blessed this Christmas season.  So far everyone is healthy and the weather not horrible, although today is the worst.  It was in the 70's yesterday and today it's blowing snow and in the single digits. 
  I started out this month getting to go with my best friends to Pawhuska, Ok to the Pioneer Womans new store at The Mercantile.  We ate a great lunch, shopped till we dropped and then went up to the bakery and had an added bonus.  Ree (the pioneer women) was signing books and taking pictures.

If you don't know who the Pioneer Woman is click HERE to go to her website.  I live about 2 1/2 hrs west of their home so it was a little drive but we had so much fun it was well worth it.
I bought this ornament at the store which I love!

Then we had our Children's Christmas program and I can't even tell you how cute it was.  The kids did a fabulous job.
 These two little girls are the EE's in wee three kings!!

                                     I hope everyone's Christmas season is a blessed one. 
                                                                                             Much love, Cheri


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Car Show 2016

Well, today we woke up to a 5.6 earthquake and the 2016 annual Fairview car show!  it was a beautiful day so I took Dennis and his brand new chair to town.  He got the new chair yesterday so the kinks haven't worked out yet and right off the bat banged his head going in the van.   Cars do not interest me but Dennis has sat while I have been in a lot of antique stores so off we went.

This is the Lion's Club hamburger and hot dog booth.  They take donations and it all goes to a very worthy cause, the hard worker in the yellow is Dennis's dad.

                                       This orange vette was my absolute favorite car!!
Dennis is looking at a friend, Brett Howerton's mustang .

                                           This is Brett's red 70's trike.
                                          This is our friend Dustin's mustang!
        I got to duck into a shop and look around.  I loved these two signs!
There are also some not so great things.
It's hard for wheelchairs to get on the sidewalk when they are blocked by vendors! 

It's also hard to let the ramp down when people park in the stripes.. LOL   But we had a good outing and minor blips.  Much love, Cheri


Monday, August 29, 2016

I'm so thankful I live where I live!

For those who live outside the US and read my blog, this is my little town.

Everyday I am amazed at some kindness that someone has done, or people reaching out to people in need.  The town always seems to pull together to care for those who are grieving or are in pain or just need some help.  It happens to Dennis and I all the time and it never ceases to make me realize how God works through people.  It can be a big thing or it can be a little thing like the other morning I was a little put out because on Saturdays i like to get my paper and coffee and sit in my patio room and read.  I didn't get my paper and I may have mention it on social media.  Within 10 minutes there was a knock on my door and a lovely friend who lives the block over brought me her paper.  This is the kind of town I live in and thank you God for putting me here!  Much love, Cheri