Monday, March 28, 2011

The Day

May 6, 2006. This is the day that changed our lives forever. It’s so weird when you say that because I used to read that phrase in books and never really thought about it. When it happens to you it takes on a whole new meaning. I was just going to blog about that day but as I’m typing I decide to just write the events like I wrote them in my journal by hand after that evening.  That day I was looking online in the Stillwater newspaper to see what the job market looked like. My daughter claimed there was absolutely no jobs to be had and I was determined to help her out.   As it turns our there were no jobs she liked, but there were jobs. I was concentrating on the help wanted ads when I heard my friend Debbie yelling at me . She was yelling in a way that I knew she was serious. She said that Dennis had been in a wreck and it was bad. Dennis had been working long hours the week before and he came home to go ride his pretty new motorcycle at the track here by Fairview. Well, I ran to my closet because I needed shoes and I was standing in my closet thinking I had on a pair of black sweats and a pink t shirt that had Clorox stains on it. I was looking around trying to color coordinate what shoes would go with pink. (I know it doesn’t make sense but I think I was in shock). Debbie grabbed my arm and told me to pick some and come on. I prayed all the way to the hospital and I tried very hard to not let in the fear that I could feel was about to suffocate me . When we pulled up to the parking lot there were so many people there standing around and that is when it sunk in how bad it really was. Blake (Debbie's son) grabbed me and I can remember telling him that I couldn’t live without Dennis. Dennis and I had been married 26 years at this point and we had the most blessed and happy marriage. When I got in there I had to wait and it is kind of a blur. There are moments I can remember vividly and then there are blanks. I called his mom and dad. I called my mom and my aunt Wanda. I can remember thinking ok  Cheri, this is where you walk the walk and not just talk the talk.  I kept thinking God I know you're here please help me be strong.  Little did I know what I was about to go through.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First day of blogging

I don't know one thing about blogging and I am not a good writer, but I was looking for some blogs yesterday on SCI caregiving and I didn't have much luck so I thought, why not start one.  At least it will let me vent or discuss or just write my thoughts and hopefully I am sure down the line, maybe it can help others with the very challenging issues my husband and I faced.  My hope is to be a help for the caregiver and not so much the one with the spinal cord injury and I know that sounds bad but, this is about that person who most people forget about and whose life has changed also.  I will be writing also about our experience when Dennis had his accident and how we dealt with what came at us.   Ok, first post down and more to come.