Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day by Day

The day to day routine went on and my friend Shearl and I finally got our haircut from my friend Shirley’s daughter.  We sat up shop in the waiting room bathroom and she did the best she could.  They brought in the robber that that had been shot five times while holding up a credit union.  His mom had come down from Michigan and I got to know her pretty well.  She loved her child unconditionally and I felt so bad for her.  The people there weren’t very nice to her and the police sat outside his door 24/7.  She was just a mom who loved her child no matter what he had done.  . Mike and Shearl were still there, the doctors had brought their son Mickey  out of his drug induced coma.  I would watch Mike and Shearl talking at night and be so envious because they had each other, but their son was so hurt I would immediately feel bad because I knew I would not want my daughter to be in that ICU.  But I was very lonely and I missed talking to my best friend. Dennis had taken really good care of me for 26 years and now I was pushed to be making all the decisions.  The waiting room continued to be a very exciting place for people that live in rural Oklahoma and believe me, we were not in Kansas anymore.                                 

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