Sunday, April 24, 2011

Living arrangements

 Every night Whitney and I would make our pallet in the waiting room and try and sleep.  OU Medical Center is in a very bad part of OKC and you have to be very careful going to your car and also sleeping in the waiting rooms at the hospital.  People walk in and take your purse or whatever they can find.  Plus we always fought with the staff about sleeping there.  Then one day a very large local family came in to be with the matriarch of the family who had a heart attack.  They were a very large family and some were not so nice.  My best friend’s daughter Haley, was trying to save my seat in the waiting room and the crazy sister went off on her.  I went to security and it just so happened that my cousin Robbie was security there.  We had the situation handled, but Haley always had to be walked to her car. One evening Mike and Sheryl Ewing, my cousin Denise and I were sitting around the table and a man came in asking for money.  He was very shaky and seemed pretty out of it.  I told him we didn’t have any money but we had plenty of food and he was welcome to it.  He didn’t want the food and he left without incident.  It seemed like there was always something going on there, which in its own odd way was a life saver for me because  it kept my mind stimulated and focused on different things.  Whitney and I finally got thick pallets from target to sleep on and Terri brought us a computer.  I have a great set of friends who seemed to be there every other day and it made the time go faster. 

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