Sunday, April 17, 2011

Heading to OKC

I packed a bag and Max, Debbie and I headed for the City. I had to call my daughter who she was in the middle of softball practice, so I couldn‘t reach her. My brother Scott went to the field and got her and she called me sobbing. I told her to have Jessica and Caleb drive her to OU medical center and I would meet her there. My sister in law Gretchen was in the City and she was there when the helicopter landed. We got there and Max and I had a meeting with the Doctor. The prognosis was not good. When I went back out to the ER waiting room there were more and more people trickling in. I looked at Debbie and said “I can not be Dana Reeves” she replied, no you can’t. Little did I know that I would be just like her and more. We had 39 people in the ER waiting and room and everyone held hands including two men who we didn’t know, but the wanted to join our circle. We went around the room and and anyone who wanted to pray could do so. The little man that I didn’t know had a lovely prayer and you could feel God’s presence in the waiting room.

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