Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our new home.

Chapter two:  OU Medical Center, trauma unit.
 There is nothing in life that gets you ready for staying 40 days and nights in a trauma waiting room, you just hang on and try to survive the ride. The second day was a jumbled up blur for me.  My friend Jana and I drove to my Cousin Vicki’s house and took a warm shower and changed our clothes.  I had sent Whitney home with her friend Caleb to make sure the dogs were OK and lock up the house.  She came back the next day and along with about 29 other people.  I know that having that many people there helped me to not  have to focus on what was going on.   I also met a family that was to be my saving grace during the next 70 days.  Shearl and Mike Davis from Blair, Oklahoma.  Their son Mickey was in a terrible auto accident.  He had suffered head trauma and was in a medically induced coma.  My faith and their faith mixed together got me through some of the worst times in my life.  We also met Shirley and her husband Smokey.  Smokey was herding buffalo when one turned on him and turned over his ATV.  We met a woman named Debbie and her sister; a drunk driver had hit her son, Tony.  Will, whose dad had an ATV accident. We also met the Friesens, whose son had been in a head on car wreck. We found out they were relatives of our Fairview Freisens. I found out very fast the trauma unit is not a happy place.  It has its high moments, but most are lower than low, that's why it's called trauma.  I didn’t write anything on day 2, 3 or 4, and I’m not sure why except that I was sure Dennis was going to come to any minute and walk out the door.  Yes, I was still in denial.

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