Monday, April 25, 2011


  Day 6 was very emotional.  Dennis told me he was ready to go.  At first I was open to the idea of letting him make this decision but the longer it went on I could tell he was not capable of making any decision let alone one of this magnitude.  I tried to reason with him and I told him to give it some more time.  Was he sure he was ready to check out on me and our daughter so soon?  He was just going to give up?  He looked at me so funny and said “I’m ready to go up in the bed, I have scooted way down.”  He also started crying and he told me he was so sorry for putting me through this.  I told him it was not his fault, it was an accident and we would get through this together.  In my heart I just couldn’t think God would let this happen to Dennis, he was such a servant and no one had a better heart than this man.  Dennis asked me if I would sing to him.  Now, I have never in our 26 years of marriage sung to Dennis, so this was a big clue that all was not right in Dennis land, but I did. We had a good laugh in the waiting room after I was finished.  I’m sure they had a good laugh at the nurse’s station as well.

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