Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Strange things always went on in the hospital.  My new friend Shearl told me her husband and a couple  Mickey’s friend was in the hall at 2:00 one morning and they saw an Afro-American man standing in the hall.  Mike asked him if he could help him and he told him he would like to pray with him.  He said 5 miracles had happened to him here at OU Medical Center.  They all held hands and started praying and then  he stopped and said, “ somebody here doesn’t believe in God and needs to step out of our prayer circle.”  Mike started to assure him that wasn’t true when one of the boys said no, I don’t.  He stepped out of the prayer circle and he finished his prayer.  After he was done he told them he had been shot 7 times in the neck and then he got in the elevator and left.

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