Monday, May 2, 2011


One day my friend Beth Beeby came to visit and we went in to see Dennis.  We were praying over him and all of a sudden there was commotion our in the hall.  The nurses pulled up in with the crash cart and I was thinking, oh boy, somebody is crashing. Little did I know that it was Dennis and he had crashed right before my eyes and I didn’t even know it.  They dragged Beth and me out of the room and she held on to me while they worked on him.  All I saw was a big needle and people all around him.  It was one of the scariest moments of my life and little did I know I would have to go through that again before this was over.   The next day they told me that Dennis needed a temporary pace maker put in  His heart rate was to low and he needed help. I was all alone at the time they told me this and I tried to get someone on the phone.  I couldn’t get through to anyone and it seemed like I couldn’t make one more decision.  That was the point poor Elton Regier decided to visit.  Breakdown time for Cheri!  They assured me the pacemaker was temporary and everything was fine. I would try to sleep at night but it never failed, a nurse would come in the waiting room and wake me saying Dennis wanted me right now.  He still had his days and nights turned around and he was making it very hard for me to get any rest. 

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