Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crashing Again!

  On day 38 we were going to transport Dennis to Select.  I had such mixed emotions I couldn’t even concentrate.  I had grown to love the staff at OU and the fast pace kept me from really thinking about what was down the road.  But as we were putting him on the gurney he crashed.  Whitney, his mom Jan and I were all standing there watching as Liz jumped on him and grabbed the paddles.  At this point, I turned and walked to the end of the ICU hall and sat down.  Whitney stayed there to watch and I looked up and Jan was coming down the hall sobbing.  I just knew he was dead, but I asked, “ is he gone?” and she shook her head no.  So on day 40, (we said we had traveled the desert for 40 days but little did we know we were going around the desert again) we said goodbye to OU medical center and their wonderful staff and headed to the next step at Select. 

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