Friday, May 20, 2011

First day at TIRR

The first night was so very scary.  Jan and I drove to our apartment and took the shuttle back to TIRR for a trial run.  It was very hot, humid and sticky in Houston.  They got Dennis up and dressed, we couldn’t believe it,  they didn’t mess around there.  The first time in 89 days he had been up and around.  His medications were all messed up and the vent settings were all wrong.  They asked us where his cloths were and we didn’t have any.  Jan had to go to Target to get him some clothes and socks and shoes.  He got tired fast but that was OK, he was actually sitting up in a chair!  He passed his swallow test so he had some crackers, then he had some OT.  We hadn't got to hear him talk (normally) in a very long time. When we were at OU, Debbie had made a ring of phrases and words that he could look at and nod.  He got what is called a speaking valve the helps tha air flow over the vocal cords to speak.  He hadn't mastered the speaking valve yet but we had it.  The first night his air hose got unconnected from the vent and the alarm went off.  I had no idea what was wrong and it took forever for the nurses to get down there.  I told Dr Donovan the next morning and we were moved to the room across from the nurses’ station the next day.    

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