Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Dennis started eating better and so was off the insulin but he needed a lot of protein so he had to drink ensure.  Not the best stuff but it does the trick.  I think the biggest obstacle was undoing everything that the last place we were at had done.  We were still working at the cuff deflation and he went about 20 minutes.  It is so disconcerting because you want to go a certain amount of time but the whole time he is begging you to inflate the cuff.  Dennis also got a very young roommate that stayed up all night long and he also had a very colorful mouth.  He didn’t stay long and we weren’t sad to see him go!  Dennis started to handle the cuff deflations at about an hour a time.  We had visitors from home!  Randy and Robin Cofer had come to MD Anderson for Robin’s check up.  It made us so happy but we also realized how much we missed home.  When they left Dennis cried and cried. Of course, I was crying before they left.  I wanted to hop in their suitcase and come home with them.  The next day was pretty boring.  Haley Carlisle came to see us and we walked to MD Anderson and ate dinner.    Then day 101 and day 14 at our daughter Whitney and her friend got to come visit us!  She got to be trained in sling transfers and ramp pushing.  Yes, there is a training sessions on how not to throw your patient out of a chair.  We had to go up a steep ramp and come down.  I thought this was kind of funny until later on when I tell a story of Dennis’s roommate.  They came and told us that they were not real optimistic about Dennis getting off the vent.  Alan, Don and Dennis’s Dad Larry came for a visit.  It was very hard on Dennis because he was so homesick and he couldn’t talk. I felt very bad for him.  Then as quick as everyone got there, everyone left.  Of course the tears started! 

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