Tuesday, May 17, 2011


T.I.R.R called and told me that I would have to have modifications done to my home, but they had accepted us and that was all I was focused on.  We got a plane to take us to Houston and I let Larry, Dennis’s dad knows about the modifications that had to be done to the house.  Dennis did get his neck collar off and that was a great blessing.  Jan, Dennis’s mom had told us she was going to Houston with us and that was such a relief to me because I was petrified to go alone.  I was going to live in Houston, Texas!  We got an apartment that had a shuttle that went right to the rehab center.  It was right across from the Astrodome and it had been newly remodeled after the Hurricane Katrina people had been housed there.  My mom came down to Select and sat with Dennis while I went home and packed for Houston.  I had the car serviced and I popped in at the bank.  I was so homesick all I did was cry, but I knew our journey was half over.  My poor dogs were so lonely but people had been coming over to the house every day.  When I got back to the hospital Dennis’s stomach looked terrible and he was running a fever and they found two blood clots in his right arm.  I was trying to stay focused but people are talking to me about bankruptcy and nursing homes and power of attorneys and I just want to scream.  I had a major meltdown and of course I called my mom sobbing, she seemed to be the only one who could get me focused and calm.  It seemed to me like Dennis had just given up and I didn’t realize at the time that he had just figured out what had happened and that he wouldn’t be going home or back to work.  He was ready to give up.  I was reading a book at the time and it said that when you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, to be sure and keep walking, don’t pitch your tent!  So once again I am reminded to take one step in front of the other one.

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