Sunday, May 22, 2011


Day 91- 4th day at TIRR

We got into a routine.  Jan would go to the apartment in the evening and do our laundry and I would stay all night with Dennis.  When Jan got there in the morning I would go to the apartment and sleep a little then take a shower and come back.  Dennis was up every day and this day he was fitted for a chair.  This event took me back a little.  Although I was coming along, I still lived in the land of denial just a little.  I’m not sure it was denial as much as just not wanting to admit this was going to happen.  I didn’t want him to be fitted for a chair, I didn’t want to be there, and I didn’t want to help in any way.  Thank goodness for Jan because she could step in when I just couldn’t handle things.  Back home the Relay for Life was going on and I remember thinking, why is the world still turning, why isn’t everyone as devastated as I am?  But the world does keep turning and people do go on living their day to day lives.  I was just so homesick and I know Dennis was also.

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