Wednesday, May 4, 2011


  They were getting ready to kick us out of OU Medical so we had to look at a long term facility until Dennis was ready to go to rehab.  We decided to go and visit and fairly new clinic called Select Specialty.  We went and toured the next facility, and I had this eerie feeling.  It was too quiet and where was the drama and activity?  But it was a very nice looking place and the rooms were huge with flat screens in every room.  Then, of course, there was insurance trouble. Select was not on our insurance’s policy so I got my prayer partners to start praying.   After the social worker at OU and our insurance had long talks, and God intervened,  the insurance agreed to let us go there.  We were only going to Select Specialty Hospital until Dennis was strong enough to go to T.I.R.R or Craig rehab centers.  Also that week, Dennis also passed his swallow test which is huge for people with trachs and vents.  So now he could now eat solid foods.  He also got to the point where I could go to my cousin Vicki’s and stay all night, so I would leave about 10:00 and be back by 8:00.  There is an alarm the ICU trauma makes if someone crashed or needs the nurses and I could hear it in my sleep.  To this day that alarm haunts me.

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