Friday, May 13, 2011


The days were very long at Select.  Dennis was getting basically no PT or OT and there were no doctors to regulate his meds or whatever situation came up.  His stomach was so distended it looked like he had swallowed a watermelon.  He had to have colonoscopies and his sleeping pills were all messed up and he was hallucinating.  It was so disheartening and heartbreaking.   He finally sat up in a chair for 2 hours one day but he doesn’t even remember it.  When Dennis was conscious he was so homesick he broke my heart.  This is the man who didn’t care if he ever went anywhere and we were now going on two months away from home.  It was July, our favorite month of the year, and I hated it. July 4th is always at the lake with the Carlisle’s and we knew that is where everyone would be. It’s also the month we go to Grand Lake with the Carlisle’s and this would have been our 13th year.   I spent the morning crying out by the pond, then that afternoon Ed and Becki Scott came and spent the day with me. It meant so much to me that they cared enough to come and sit with me.  Dennis’s heart rate was below 60 all day and that evening it got down to 30.  The nursing staff doesn’t really know what to do and the bad thing is you get a new nurse almost every shift because they are contracted out.  I called my cousin Vicki and her husband Rodney and they came and prayed over Dennis late that night.   Prayer works!

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  1. Hi Cheri - Thank you for stopping by my blog - your life is very different to my life but you still have your lovely husband and can cherish every day even though the going is tough! I admire you for being able to put pen to paper (fingers to keypad). I lost my husband from skin cancer a few years ago - as I say very different but to an extent I can identify with your struggles. xx