Friday, May 27, 2011


Haley took Jan and I to the Houston Galleria to get our haircut.  It is amazing what little things you take for granted and a good haircut is one of those little things!  Our new roommate was very young and his friends would get to his room about 10:00 and stay till about 2:00.  Remember our sessions on how important it is to be careful pushing people around in a wheelchair.  Well James, Dennis’s roommate, had a pass to go out and his mom didn’t seat belt him in and when they went over a curb he fell out of his chair and had to have ten stitches in his head.  He had to go to the E.R and didn’t get back to the room till around 5:00.  I was getting more and more discouraged and every night after Dennis and I had devotion, I would go out to the courtyard and call my mom.  I would sob and sob and she would say the exact right things to get me going again.  I missed my mom and my daughter so much and they kept me going.  My mom told me to take one day at a time and to not look down the road to what ifs.  My dad was starting to fail in health and they put their house up for sale and the great people of Fairview headed by Larry Boyer and Kaiser Webb were still building on my garage for them to live in.   That was such a huge relief for me to have my mom and dad with me while I had to learn to do things I never thought I would have to.

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