Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nightmare on 58th Street

Chapter 3:  The nightmare.

I read in Joyce Meyer’s book a passage that said, “Even though we may not see where we are headed or even feel His presence with us, we must keep on taking the steps that are set before us, encouraging and strengthening ourselves with the knowledge that God is working out everything for the best for us as we follow Him in childlike faith and confidence.”  That passage took on a special meaning as we entered this new facility that we called Nightmare on 58th street!  We came to the ICU unit of Select with great expectations.  It was a brand new facility and the rooms were huge with flat screen T.V’s and a chair that laid down into a bed.   But, it was so eerily quiet that it was disturbing.  My friends Shearl and Mike had brought their son Mickey there about a week ahead of me so I was happy I had someone to talk to.  Whitney had to leave and go back to school and I had a meltdown or two or three because  I missed her terribly.  There were no doctors at this facility but the specialist stopped in to see the patients.  We had a lung doctor named Dr Alder who was a little Jewish man and he was A.D.D.  We were told he was awesome so I didn’t worry too much.  Now I can laugh!

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