Sunday, May 1, 2011

RT and nurses

Our respiratory therapists and nurses were awesome.  When you have to make a journey like ours, it always helps when God puts people there for you that bring you calm.  We had a RT who was a great man of God .  He was from India and his name was Sajie.  He just radiated joy when he walked in.  He would spread the love of God wherever he went and he had a very calming effect on me.  The nursing staff there was so generous and friendly.  They were not allowed to talk about their faith but somehow the message came through.  Dennis’s lungs got bad and he developed pneumonia but they told me that was to be expected.  He was hallucinating from all the pain medication and he would tell me to get the dogs off of him.  I hated seeing him like this; I wanted my level headed Dennis back.  He had to have a bronchostomy and he didn’t wake up for a day and a half.                                                                                          

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