Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tough Love!

Max, Debbie and Haley Carlisle came to visit.  We all decided that we would make Dennis tough out this cuff deflation.  We all agreed it’s going to be tough love.  Well, Debbie starting caving minutes in so her and I went out to eat.   Max stayed with Dennis cause I knew I would wimp out.  We also went to Target and I picked out some bedspreads.  While we were in Houston the amazing people of my hometown were fixing up my house.  When I say fixing up, I mean renovating!  My mom sent me pictures and I couldn’t believe it.  Every time I would get a photo, I would just sit and cry.  One, because I knew my house would never be the same as it was and two because of the outpouring of love I knew was going in to doing what changes needed to be done.   When Debbie and I got back to the hospital Dennis had gone 7 hours.  He was not talking any sense and we all got in big time trouble by Dr. Donovan!  When he finally came around Debbie ask Dennis if he knew who she was and he answered “Martha Stewart”.  We then knew he was OK! 

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