Friday, May 13, 2011

Where to go next?

Our hometown Lions Club had a fund raiser for us and Whitney went to accept the check.  If I have not emphasized this enough I need to some more.  We are so blessed to live in a small town like Fairview.  The people here are amazing and we couldn’t have made it through this without them.  What the people of Fairview, Ok did for Dennis and I will always be a blessing and we can only hope to repay in kind.

  I got to go home and stay all night.  One of my best friends had lung cancer at this time and I had wanted to spend time with her.  She had got to visit me on occasion, but she wasn’t feeling great and she had to go to Houston to M.D Anderson for visits.  Dennis and I were also in the process of deciding which rehab center to go to.   I was doing research online and at this point it was between Denver and Houston.  I would have rather gone to Denver but the ratings for Houston were better. 

I started praying that God would steer us to the right place. 

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