Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Care Pages

We have met many people through our journey so far and each one have blessed us in ways we can’t even tell you.  People we didn’t know before the accident and met along the way.  People in our own town we didn’t know very well but have become such friends and prayer warriors.  People who we still haven’t met but they write us in care pages and we feel like they are very close to us.  When Dennis had his accident Nancy put his page on care pages.  It’s a website that people with any illness of accident can get on and you can update their progress.  We stayed in touch with people from Fairview and they would encourage us every day.  We still use care pages and it still blesses us.  A woman reached out to me on care pages and her name was Lisa Rose.  Her husband had been in a car wreck and she wanted me to know she was there and she cared.  Her graciousness truly moved me and I was so grateful for her letters and words of encouragement.  Her husband had a lower spinal injury so he had the use of his arms but their journey had been long also.  He has since learned to drive his car and I think they are doing wonderful.  She had written me because of someone else on care pages that had just had an accident named Jason Cayko and she thought I should reach out to them.  He had dove off of a pontoon boat in to shallow water.  His injury was the same as Dennis’s and he was also on a vent.  He was in his 30’s with too small boys and lived in Fairview, Montana.  They were at a hospital in Minnesota and we wrote back and forth on care pages and email.  His wife Jessica and I talked a number of times and also Jessica’s mother and I emailed each other.  They took a lot of different courses of treatment and actions than we did but everyone has to decide what is best for them and everyone has different opinions.  It was nice having someone out there that knew what you were going through because it seems like a very lonely world out there.

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