Monday, June 6, 2011

The Carlisles

Debbie and Max came back for another visit and this time they put them to work.   They took suctioning classes and both got signed off for caring for Dennis.  The nurses said they weren’t going to let Max leave he was so good.  Our next big obstacle was a van.  We searched on craigslist and EBay but no luck.  That was when I just had to turn this one over to God.  Haley was going back to Fairview so we packed some stuff in her Tahoe to bring home since we would be on a small plane.  Once again Debbie and Max left and we all cried, but this time we know our time is winding down here.  But, we also know our life is going to be very different from now on, so as happy as I was to go home, a part of me was grieving deeply.

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