Thursday, June 30, 2011

Christmas and New Years

Our insurance, after some bickering, approved Dennis for botox injections in his neck.  This is a different botox than what they use for cosmetic purposes and it really helped the stiffness in his neck. We had our second Christmas home and my whole family comes for Christmas Eve.  We had a ball.  My great nephew Garrett went to the bathroom and came out and said Grandpa (my brother)  they have a hospital bed, come look!!  He was excited. It was nice to have everyone there and daddy was feeling pretty good.  Dennis felt better than last year so we were getting life down to a manageable state.  I still missed Dennis and I staying up after everyone had gone to bed on Christmas Eve for just "us"time.  Dennis is very tired at the end of busy days and is usually ready to go to bed.  New Years Eve came and this time we went to some friend’s house and had a great time.  Nothing lifts your spirits like good friends and good food!  But it still tugs at your heart for things past.

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