Thursday, June 9, 2011


Countdown came and we had about a week or less.  We still did not have a vent but it had been shipped.  We had to do some training on it so it needed to get here.  Our lift was on backorder but Larry’s Home Oxygen was going to let us use one of theirs.  It seemed like it was one thing after another and of course it was meltdown time.  My mom told me to just take a breath and rest in the Lord.   A few days later we got our vent, of course it was minus all the cords.  Plus all our supplies that were coming home in the van didn’t get here.   But a few phone calls and everything were handled.  One of our vents was different from the other so I had to have two training sessions.  We are getting so very anxious to get home; we had been gone five long months!  We also knew that it is going to be very hard and we were warned that people will treat you differently and may not even talk to you at all.  Dennis and I talked at great lengths about that and we even had some laughs because people have a tendency to speak really loudly when they are talking to him.  Debbie, Max and I always laughed at that but Dennis would just smile.  We knew our life was going to be very different but, we had no idea.  I was reading a book that this passage was in and I had to tuck this in my heart.  It said, “We need to be walking so close to the Lord that we hear His voice in the midst of any upheaval in our lives.  We have to trust Him so thoroughly that we will follow Him wherever He leads us.”  It also said that no matter how dark the night of your circumstances get, remember that you still have a light.  It comes from Him.  It’s in you and no enemy can put it out.

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