Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friends ...it's a God thing

The town had a poker run for us and a friend of ours from Enid, Bret Cue, had an online auction of motorcycle clothing and gear things he had collected from friends of his.  We could never repay what we had been blessed with financially and manually and spiritually.  We vowed to try and be the best prayer partners and do anything else we could possibly do to sow the blessings on to others that we had reaped.  That was very hard for Dennis and me because Dennis was the person who always went and helped someone else.  He loved Make a Difference Day and he loved helping build our new church.  It is very hard to open yourself up and let other people help you when you have been so independent. We have friends that still help us to this day in every way possible.  We have a connection and love with our friends that go way beyond family ties.  Dennis always says it’s a God thing and that is so true.  There are moments in your life when you need to look at your core group of friends and thank God for bringing those people in to your life.  For us they have been there the whole journey long.

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