Friday, June 10, 2011

Going home

The day was approaching. Terri, Don and Nancy came to Houston and we packed the van and the car. Terri and Don left with the van and Nancy and Jan headed out in the car. Dennis and I were alone in Houston with one more evening before facing new giants on the home front. . In a weird way they were almost scarier than the ones we already faced. But I was so homesick I tried not to think about what was to come. We said goodbye to our favorite people at TIRR. Our little aid Leila, who was always so chipper and I loved having her for the day and the OT’s and PT’s and all the nurses and helpers. You become very attached to people when you are away from home. Saturday Sept 30 finally arrived and we were going home!! One of our friends, Kaiser Webb, had a friend who lived in Houston. His name was Greg Karber and he was going to come and take us by taxi to the airport and then take the wheelchair from TIRR back to TIRR. Max had gotten Mike McMurphy and EMT from Fairview to fly down with him and Dennis’s brother had an acquaintance that let us use his plane to come home in. (God things!) Greg came and got us at 10:30 and the cab came around 11:00. We were driving in to the airport and I was looking at all the planes. I saw one and started praying that it was not our plane. About that time Mike McMurphy came down out of the plane. Oh Lord! It was so small, I needed medication! We all got in and started for home. What a sight when we pulled in to the Fairview Airport. All our family and friends there to greet us. I was so emotional. I found my mom and just started sobbing. I would never have to sit in a muggy humid courtyard by myself and cry on the phone again.  

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