Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Dennis was awarded an honorary letter jacket and Whitney and Kris Ewbank went up on stage with him to receive the award.  Kris has been a faithful friend through this entire journey and I was so thankful he went up there with him and said a few words.  Kris and Tammy Ewbank have been the best prayer partners anyone could ask for. I, of course, cried and Debbie put her arms around me and cried right along.
We went to a couple of football games and we could park close enough in the van.  Once again those old feelings of what used to be stirred in my heart.  My friends Cathy Eischen, Debbie and I would sit up in the bleachers and visit while our husbands watched the game.  But somehow God guides you through all of those “firsts” and it does get easier, it doesn’t go away but it does get easier.  We had Thanksgiving and Whitney and I decorated for Christmas.  This was another “first”.  I had to put the tree together and string the outside lights.  Thank goodness Whitney has inherited her dad’s gift because I couldn’t pull it off.  This was a huge revelation to me because this was the second time I had to do something I wasn’t used to doing.  First I had to learn to drive the Dixon lawn mower and now this.  I also had to learn how to start up the generator.  I made notes on all this stuff and laminated them so I wouldn’t forget.  This was out of my comfort zone! As the Christmas celebrations moved closer we tried not to look at what used to be and look at the wonderful things to come.  My family was still together and we were celebrating the most wonderful gift, God sending His only son to die for us that we may live with Him.

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