Monday, June 20, 2011


July came and once again we are reminded of our Grand Lake trip. We visited at the Carlisle’s the day before they left and I was so sad. We love going to Grove and spending the week there. It feels like a home away from home to us. But we were not ready to go anywhere this early on and you put on a happy face and thank the Lord that you are not in Houston and go on one day at a time. Summer came to a close and we went into fall and football games. Dennis got to go to a couple of games, and it worked out well as long as he was in the van. Cold air makes his neck ache, with the muscles tensing up and that brings on a severe headache. Headaches are what Dennis has to deal with the most right now with low blood pressure also. Any time there is a fall in barometric pressure or when he is getting out of bed, his blood pressure will drop. It is something SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) patients have to deal with but it is very annoying. We can be out to eat and if he eats a lot his blood pressure will drop, so you have to lay back and prop your feet up and it’s not something you really want to do in the middle of a restaurant. But we have!

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