Friday, June 17, 2011

Letter Jacket

Our friends from OU Medical center Shearl and Mike sent us a picture of their son Mickey.  It was so good to hear from them.  We were now in the process of getting Dennis a motorized wheelchair and it came through.  It gave Dennis and me so much more freedom. 

Dennis had his 49th birthday and we had our anniversary.  We were praising God that we had come this far and also asking God to sustain us for the remainder of the journey.  Our one year anniversary came and we realized what an amazing journey we had been on.  We have met people we will never forget and made lifelong faith filled friends but we have
also seen many people who have had so much sadness and nowhere to
turn. We have come to realize how important family and extended
family are. But through all of this we have come to celebrate that
we had God walking right beside us through every second of this
walk.  Dennis got an honorary letter jacket and Whitney and Kris went up on stage with him to receive it.  Debbie held me while I melted down as usual.  He loves Fairview sports and I don’t think he missed a game and it didn’t matter what grade he was usually there watching.

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