Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Year's Eve

We had a great “first” Christmas and we thought about all the people that were spending their holiday at TIRR and OU Medical center.  We had met one young boy at TIRR who was paralyzed and didn’t have any family.  He literally lived at TIRR.  That was his home.  His family was scattered and they didn’t have the money or really want the care of him.  It broke our heart thinking about them and also made us very thankful to be home.  New Year’s Eve was approaching and I kind of went in to a funk.  We had spent every New Year’s Eve with a great group of friends and we opted to stay home this one.  Always before at midnight Dennis would put his arms around me and have our “this is going to be a great year” kiss.  My heart was breaking because that wasn’t going to happen this year, yes, we have our kiss but his loving protective arms can’t go around me.  That evening we had some visitors come over on New Year’s Eve, Dawn and Kaiser Webb, John and Delena Hardaway and Debbie and Max and it made the evening more special.

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