Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not fun things that happen in Houston

Dennis and I were outside eating a much anticipated Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner when these people across from us in the parking lot started yelling at each other.  They lifted their trunk and Dennis and I heard a loud pop.  I looked at Dennis and asked him if he thought that was a gunshot and he said yes.  So goodbye KFC dinner and back into the building we went.  Another night we were sitting out in the courtyard and all of a sudden there are helicopters flying over us.  Now, we didn’t think much about it because in the Medical District the medical helicopters are flying in all the time.  But this seemed weird because they were hovering right over us.  I told Dennis we were going in I was not comfortable with the situation.  We went in and turned on the TV and there was our building and the trauma center right next to us on the news.  There was an illegal alien being transported to jail and somehow he got the officer’s gun and shot him 5 times in the back.  The officer was at the trauma center right next door and the news helicopters were the ones hovering over us.  I looked out my window and what a sight.  People were everywhere on the other side of the building. There were a lot of police officers standing vigil.  It was very sad, but it just makes us more thankful we live where we do.

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