Thursday, June 2, 2011


On the home front our house renovating crew had to widen the doors, they put a wooden floor in my bedroom and took a wall out in the shower so the trolley we gave Dennis a bath in would roll right in.  Debbie headed up the painting crew and they painted my bedroom which is huge, from a plum color to a sage green color.  The put French doors in my bedroom also.  The team renovating the garage was doing a great job also.  People in Houston were simply stunned when we showed them pictures of what our friends were doing.  They couldn’t believe that people would come together and do that for other people.   We had to get a line that goes to the generator for Dennis’s vent in case the electricity went out.  We had to get a generator!  The Lion’s Club in Fairview came through and found us a generator.  On the Houston front we had 30 days to get things in order.  We thought we had a vent from the Christopher Reeves foundation, but miscommunications happened and they only had 12 to give and we didn’t get one.  Desiree was the new head Respiratory Therapist and she went on a mission to find a vent.  I had ordered a bathing trolley on eBay and had it delivered to our house.  I ordered the supplies we would need and the cabinets to house the supplies.  A hundred things go through your head at all hours of the day but I knew one things for certain, I was going home and I couldn't wait!

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