Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It was Homecoming week and Dennis went to the parade.  All the things they told us at TIRR were true.  Some people would come right up to Dennis and visit away like old times but some would not even make eye contact.  True, Dennis’s wheelchair complete with the tray for the vent and all the hoses coming up and around and plugging in to his throat, look scary but I was really hoping that people would see past that and be more receptive.  I had to take a good hard look at myself during that time.  Would I have been one of those people to just come up and talk?  I don’t know, but I do know that I would now.  Also, a lot of people didn’t know Dennis could talk or eat for that matter.  He was very blessed in the fact that he passed his swallow test early on and can eat anything he feels like.  He had lost a lot of weight during these months so we were feeding him like crazy and he also had to drink Boost with protein which has lots of calories.  He was getting fattened up fast and that was not a good thing. (Story to come later)  We finally ventured out and did some shopping in Enid.  Christmas was a few months away so I thought we could take some test runs.  When you go shopping it makes you feel like you are the only people in Northwest Oklahoma in a wheelchair.  Are there any people that have a level of injury close to Dennis’s?  When do they shop?  Do they all go at a certain time because we never see anyone?  I wish we knew someone out there that was in the same boat and maybe it wouldn’t feel like we were all alone. 

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