Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This was the summer I got to learn how to go yard work.  Now I always did the gardening but Dennis did the yard work.  Right before his accident he had bought a Dixon mower and he couldn’t wait to get to use it, but he only rode it one time before he had his wreck.  Well, to me a mower without a steering wheel was really weird.  I had Whitney write down the instructions and I laminated them and took them out with me when I mowed.  Then I learned to caulk, not well but I did learn.  I learned to push mow and I really enjoy doing that.  But then the 104 degree weather came it wasn’t quite as enjoyable.  I couldn’t keep up!  The watering, the mowing, the working, the washing all the vehicles, the whatever.  Of course, it was at this time that our daughter, who was not having a good summer, was in a car wreck with a friend of hers.  Really God???? Really?  Some friends came over to stay with Dennis and I ran to the hospital.  I made it there before the ambulance arrived and a friend of hers had taken a picture of the car and her on the stretcher on his I-phone.  Not smart.  They came in and the girls had scratches and bruises and had to stay overnight.  Unfortunately, I could not leave Dennis to stay with Whitney.  Whitney was having a rough time, I think a lot of it stemming from the accident, and I couldn’t stay with her.  The other girl’s mother stayed and I knew she would be alright but it broke my heart to leave her.  Right then I had another feeling I hadn’t acknowledged before. Bitterness…and it’s ugly.  But we got through the summer and cooler weather arrived.

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