Saturday, June 18, 2011


The summer was going well and as a caregiver you feel like you always have to be upbeat and positive and happy. On the outside I was all those things but on the inside not so much. Summer was always Dennis and I’s favorite time of the year. Since our daughter had gone to college we had gotten closer and really enjoyed spending our time together instead of focusing on her and the activities she was involved in. Summer was working in the yard while Dennis was in the shed working on something. We would run to Canton to eat at El Charro anytime the mood struck. Every Saturday he was off we ate breakfast at Frank’s and a hamburger at noon in Eastside. On Sundays we went to church and then headed to the lake with friends. We had this routine for many years and it was so hard to know that it had come to an end. I’m sure even more so for Dennis. But I felt like I had to keep a happy face and keep morale up and it really starts to wear you down. On one hand you feel guilty for having these feelings and on the other hand you feel like you need someone to support you. So I started a new Sunday tradition that we still do to this day. After church we go to Dennis’s dad’s pool with friends and spend the day relaxing. This tradition has kept our sanity.  Dennis can't swim but there is always someone sitting at the table visiting with him while the girls get their beauty tan.  :)

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  1. Thank you for your visit to my blog. You're an amazing person, and don't ever forget it. I'm sure your husband know that also. I had my mother living with us for many years and my blog was "my" time.
    Remember, you're human and you can't always be up. Hang in there. <3