Sunday, June 26, 2011


Thanksgiving came and things were getting a little easier.  Urinary Trach Infections (UTI’s) are something the spinal cord patients have to deal with on an ongoing basis.  Dennis’s OT man, Eric, had one while we were in Houston and of course Dennis would not be the exception.  With a dose of antibiotics you can clear up the infection but the antibiotics wreak havoc on his system.  But, it’s not something we can’t handle and life goes on.  During Thanksgiving time a friend we had met on care pages, Lisa Rose, wrote a poem to her husband who was also having a birthday.  Whitney and I thought it summed up our feelings exactly.

To My Husband on his Birthday

Thank you for choosing to fight against fate
when the Dr. announced you were at Heaven's gate

I watched you endure months of extreme pain and sorrow
in attempts to be around for just one more tomorrow

Thank you for remaining so true to yourself
while so many circumstances jeopardized your health

I know that you think you aren't the man you used to be
but for me and the kids that's not what we see

We see such strength and courage each day
it's just that it's not in the old average way

We see someone overcome so many obstacles to live
and on top of it all you continue to give

You give of yourself
to make our lives go on

You push thru so many difficulties
and continue to press on

So thank you so much for choosing to live
our lives are so blessed by the love that you give

Never lose sight of your faith in God's plan
with hope and determination I know that you can

You can live your life to the fullest you'll see
with us by your side there isn't a thing you can't achieve

Please remember on your birthday and the upcoming year
nothing will ever matter more than having you here

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  1. That is very moving. I haven't had to deal with such things and it makes my problems feel very small. Your blog is inspiring and I know it will help others. Best wishes to you, Dennis and Whitney