Friday, June 3, 2011

Unexpected events!

One day Jan and I took Dennis for a walk and before we got back his vent battery ran out.  We calmly got the ambu bag and kept walking.  When we got inside the building we plugged the vent in and called upstairs.  Obviously, the vent battery does not last 7 hours, it lasted 30 minutes.  That same weekend Mike and Sheryl Ewing came to visit us.  They took Jan and me out to eat and then the next day we played Bingo and then they had to leave which of course made Dennis cry which made me cry.  We got to watch OU football on T.V. which made Dennis very happy except that it was the infamous Oregon game and OU lost on a horrible call by the officials.  Dennis did cuff deflation for a whole hour which was great.  We had 25 more days before we get to go home.  We talked to a couple here that had been away from home for 17 months.  He was severely burned over 98% of his body and was in a drug induced coma for 7 ½ months.  I felt so bad for his wife because I was feeling sorry for myself and the little time I spent while Dennis was out of it.  I couldn’t imagine being by myself for 7 ½ months.

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