Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vans and Vents!

Day 44 at TIRR Day 129 altogether.

Miracles of miracles!  Haley found us a van or I should say God led Haley to a van.  It was right here in Houston and it belonged to the President of the Disabled Veterans Assoc was the owner.  It is amazing what God will do when you finally give Him the steering wheel!  Now we needed to get the vent situation under control. Once again I tried to get it under control and God had it taken care of all along just waiting for me to hand him the reins. I had promised my mom I wouldn’t say the word vent for a whole day.   The vent finally arrived from the Christopher Reeves Foundation and also the one we bought came.   Cuff deflation was going well and we were getting ready to have a 24 hour test where we take care of Dennis without any help for 24 hours.  We kept getting pictures of our house and we would get so emotional from all the love people were showing us.  They people in Houston were in awe of what an awesome community we lived in and I think they people of Fairview really touched some people’s hearts.  The days started to go by faster and faster.  Our shuttle bus driver Berdia even kept track of the days with us.  The closer it got to coming home, the more I started to panic.  I kept asking Dennis, “Do you feel safe with us?”  He would tell me to stop worrying and let God be God.  He is in control not you or me. I was reading a book that said: when your whole life is shaken, when the circumstances you face are so overwhelming that you feel like an ant in the face of Mt Everest, look to God and see His awesome power.  Stand before the mountain and say “Lord, where I am right now, I declare to be holy ground.  I invite you to reign in this situation, for You are greater than anything I am facing.”

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