Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zeke and Kirby

I have always had dogs.  When Dennis and I got married we got a poodle named Pepper and had him when Whitney was born.  I love them and I will probably always have them.  For the five months we were gone my two schnauzers, Zeke and Kirby, were here by themselves.  They have dog doors and people were here every day working , but at night they were alone.  About early fall Zeke started acting funny and he wouldn’t eat.  We would try everything.  Ice cream, cheese, peanut butter but nothing would do it.  I tried to force feed him but he would go out and throw it up.  We took him to the pet hospital and they told us he had anorexia.  I couldn’t believe it but I looked it up and it is common in dogs brought on by a lot of things, one being stress. Great! Guilt again!  We tried everything but one day Jan took called me at work and told me she was taking Zeke to the hospital and they had to put him to sleep.  Another loss, more tears….

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