Friday, July 1, 2011

Deacon and Toby

If you know me at all you know that when one of my dogs dies, my solution is to get another dog.  It has always been my solution and will probably always be my solution.  So I went on the hunt for another dog.  Once again I wanted a schnauzer and I wanted a black one.  I got lucky one day because in the Fairview newspaper was an ad for a black schnauzer.  I went over with the intent to just look and came home with my new baby.  I named him Deacon and I still have him.  Oh what a baby he is! He is totally spoiled and he is a mama’s baby.  Kirby on the other hand was not so happy.  Remember Kirby is blind and he is starting to not feel so hot.  He was really mean to Deacon, who wanted to play all the time.  We couldn’t leave them alone or Kirby would rip into Deacon.  He provided me with love and devotion and he is the cutest little puppy I had ever had.   My dogs help my hurting heart and they provide us with unending entertainment.  About 3 months with Deacon and Kirby had to go to the vet.  The dreaded phone call saying he had  kidney failure and yes, he needed to be put down.  I couldn’t believe it.   We had him put to sleep and started looking for another dog right away.  We found a rescue 7 month old poodle  online.  I bought him and he came to live with us.  You could tell he had a really hard life and it took him a long time to feel at home.  He still to this day has a hard time with stranger but we love him.  We named him Toby.

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