Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Ewbanks

A week after my birthday we went back to Fresh Start Fellowship church to listen to Metisha Ewbank and her family give their testimony.  They were truly an inspiration to Dennis and me.  Danny spoke about Moses lifting his hands while they were in battle and when he would get tired they would come and keep his arms lifted for him.  That was the way Dennis and I felt about our friends, family and care page family.  It seemed when we were battle fatigued someone was always there to lift us up and get us ready for battle again.  I was reading a book that said, “You get tired and weary after doing something for a long period of time.  Your natural strength and ability will eventually fail you because they are limited.  They can sustain you for awhile but they can’t give you any lasting momentum.  But, the power of God that dwells inside you can.

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