Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fresh Start Fellowship

In February Dennis and I had the opportunity to talk at Fresh Start Fellowship here in Fairview.  Dennis had some concerns because when you are on a vent you have to talk as the vent gives you air.  Also, your speaking voice is pretty soft and if you talk a long time it gets raspy.  We both spoke about our experiences because mine was a very different experience than Dennis’s.  He was in lala land with medication and I was in reality land with no medication!  There were times when I wished I could take something to join him!   We then took questions from the crowd and that lasted what seemed like an hour.  Dennis and I always tell everyone that we want them to ask anything they want and we will try to be as forthright as we can.  I thought everything went very well although we were both very nervous.  We had made a commitment to always go where God led us or He opened a door and share what He had done for us along our journey.  We have a video with the testimony that we shared with the church.  Dennis has a hard time when he is speaking cause the vent makes his mouth very dry and he usually chews gum to help with this.  It all went very well and we were very blessed by the people at Fresh Start Fellowship.

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