Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting ready for Cleveland

My mom had a much needed back surgery and my aunt Rubena had come up to help out.  She gave my mom some rest and the day she was leaving we were getting ready to grill steaks and my daddy fell and broke his hip.  It was never a dull moment around my house.  Daddy wasn’t doing so well and we had to put him in the Fairview nursing home which really made it hard on my mom.  She felt like she had to go back and forth.  It is very hard to watch your big strong daddy getting frail and weak.  He was at a point where he didn’t really know if it was a nursing home or a hospital and he slept most of the time. Meanwhile we were still getting ready for Cleveland and we had one of Dennis’s brother’s acquaintances let us use his plane and pilot.  We had financial support coming in all over from the greatest people.  At last we had a date and started getting prepared.

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