Thursday, July 14, 2011

The July Blues

Summer came and once again July L,  The Grand Lake Blues.  We just had to keep a stiff upper lip and we had to keep remembering all the things we are thankful for.  Even with all that said it still does not soften the hurt of not getting to go to the place we love.  A pity party of sorts always comes.  You think of how unfair it is that everyone you know gets to go do something fun but you don’t.  I know Dennis feels bad I can’t go and I feel bad that he can’t jump on the jet ski and go down the creek like he loves.  But, as we have well learned by now God gets you through one day at a time.  He gives you grace for the day and then the next and then the next.  August came and Max took Dennis to the car show downtown and he got to visit with a lot of people he hadn’t seen in awhile.  It reminded me of sitting in Houston reading about the car show in the paper and being so homesick. We went to the car cruise that evening and had a great time.  Nothing beats being downtown in Fairview with friends on a hot summer night


  1. First I'd like to say how much I like your photo! I totally agree with what you said about God giving us grace day by day and what a blessing that is!

  2. Been scrolling through a lot of your posts and seems at times you are in a really hard place.
    I agree with your sentiments of one day at a time.