Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Addition

In April Dennis’s lungs were healthy enough that he got to quit taking his breathing treatments.  It’s always nice when you get to go off of something.  The breathing treatments were three times a day and you have to sit there and breathe in albuteral for about 15 minutes.  That was one less thing he had to do now and it was one less medical expense.  We started building on an addition to our house around February.  By we I mean Larry, Dennis’s dad.  We were adding a sun room where our porch was.  It would be a nice place for Dennis to go and watch the birds and squirrels.  By the first of May we were almost finished and Larry had some helpers come over and lay the flooring.  Now the cellar would be on the inside of the house.  Although it didn’t do us a lot of good since Dennis can’t get down there.  But we had it just in case.  It was a nice addition and Dennis enjoyed it.  Things were starting to get set in place and our life was kind of getting back on a normal (as normal as it can get) track.  It is true that time heals a lot of wounds and although there were moments that a memory would come back or something would trigger a memory, the sadness and grief were finally being lifted and it felt like I could breathe again.

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  1. Cheri, I can't believe I missed this post. It marked such a turning point for you. And, the addition is simply charming. A lovely spot.