Monday, July 18, 2011


We got to the airport and everyone helped us load up.  Max had designed something to help get Dennis up to the plane but it still was a job.  The flight was good (as good as in a small plane gets).  I had a book on my IPOD so I was good to go.  We landed and there we a handful of men there to help us unload.  We drove to our hotel and got to see Cleveland which I thought was going to be awful, but I was very surprised.  The part of the city we went through was very nice.  We drove through little Italy and then to downtown where our hotel was.  It was right across from where the Cavaliers play.  We went to the hospital to run our test and we had a little setback.  The right side was good but there was very little movement in the left side.  They went ahead and scheduled our surgery but they made it clear it would not go through if they got in there and there wasn’t any movement.  I was so scared for a moment and I could feel the fear coming up inside of me. I looked at Max and he put his arm around me and said the Lord had brought us this far we have to trust Him We HAD come so far and I wanted this so bad for Dennis.  We called home and had our prayer warriors start praying and we started praying.  Mary Jo was our nurse and she helps Dr. Onders with all the pacemaker patients.  She saw a little bit of movement on the left side and she jumped on it.  So they went ahead and did the procedure.  Mary Jo came out after they had the left side done and told us that it was successful and now they could do the good side.  Thank You Jesus was all I could say!

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