Sunday, August 7, 2011

5 year anniversary

The Christmas before Dennis had his accident, Dennis's mom took us all on a Bahama cruise.  I will forever be thankful to her for that trip and the memories we made on that trip.  We had the best time and little did we know then it would be one of the last trips we would all make together.  You can take away a lot of things but memories are not one of them.  I cherish every memory made on that cruise.  When his 5 year anniversary of the wreck rolled around I simply could not believe it had been 5 years.  How far we had come in those five years!  My grief had subsided a little, not all together but a little.  They always tell you that your patients are still the same people they were before the accident and that is very true, but you still have to grieve for what you have lost just a little.  I grieved for Dennis holding my hand during prayer time at church, or Dennis putting his arm around me if I got chilly.  I greived for Dennis killing a spider for me or changing a light fixture if I didn't like it.  It's the little things we take for granted.  This anniversary Dennis still was not feeling great so it was a little more sad than most for me but on the other hand we had made it 5 years and to me that was a huge accomplishment.  We know we would not have made it this far without God walking on this journey and holding us up every step of the way without Him we are nothing.  We also couldn't have made it without our family and friends, God blessed us with the best. 

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