Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bass Integris Hospital

After we got home Dennis got worse and worse and one morning he was bad enough to want us to call the EMT’s.  They took us to Bass hospital in Enid and after scans and x-rays found nothing but they did find a doctor to admit us so off to the 3rd floor we go.  When you have SCI starting from scratch with a new doctor is pull your hair out frustrating but you have to deal with it.  So when the new lung doctor came in he started in.  I would try and interject what we knew it wasn’t and he would interrupt me with the attitude that I was not a doctor.  True, but I have played one for five years!  So after Dennis gave me that “please don’t mouth off any more” look I stopped and let the doctor ask Dennis if I was starving him because he had lost 35 pounds from the last time he was there.  He was in a safe place so he could talk to them.  OK, yes I am starving him and I thought I would just bring him in so you could confirm that for me!!!  Anyway the doctor who was going to scope his intestines was great and he was going to make sure all bases were covered this time.  So he scoped and scanned and did everything to make sure.  Nothing…..  So after seven days of being in the hospital we still came away with nothing is wrong.  Good news is Dennis is not on oxygen anymore and can breathe well.  Bad news is he doesn’t make enough breath sounds to talk with his speaking valve.  So since he can’t talk he can’t run his computer or his phone.  Frustrating…..

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