Monday, August 15, 2011

Cast your cares

My daughter has 3 classes she has to get in before she can take her boards.  They are hard and of course things aren’t going as smoothly as we would like.  OSU only offers one in the spring and one class is full and the one she has a Saturday lab.  Then there are other problems and then Dennis still can’t talk and doesn’t always feel good.  Some days you want to scream and cry and walk away.  Then you stop and say God I am casting this care on you because you said I could so here you go.  And then God says “it’s about time.”  And while this is all going on in your head, you forget to turn off your water and you water the entire neighborhood concrete.  But on the bright side,  where the water runs out of your backyard one half of the grass is green.
My poor honeysuckle!

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  1. the perverbial "grass is always greener" come to life!